Adam Spickler

Cabrillo College Board of Trustees, Area 2

Adam was the first transgender man elected in California!


A 30-year resident of Santa Cruz County and out, trans-male LGBTQ activist, Adam Spickler is a proud Cabrillo College graduate. His experience at Cabrillo helped shape who he is today. Adam’s focus is ensuring students from all backgrounds and education levels to access the world-class education he had as a Cabrillo College student.

Since graduating Cabrillo in 2002, Adam has worked locally as a nonprofit leader, and as senior staff instate and county government. These experiences provided him a strong foundation in policy, finances, communications, and public service, helping connect him to the work being done throughout Santa Cruz County to improve his community. His background as a fiscal innovator, strategic thinker and bridge builder has helped him champion Cabrillo College.

If re-elected as a Cabrillo College Trustee, Adam will continue to focus on ensuring equal access to an affordable college education. Since his 2018 election he’s prioritized strengthening diversity and equity on our campuses. He’s helped bolster vital state funding for the college, and support for students most in need. Adam’s written policy proposals to increase food access for students, lobbied state lawmakers to repeal laws limiting class repeatability for community members and he’s supported efforts to develop student housing on campus.

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