Felicia Agrelius

Marin Board of Education, Area 4

Will be an essential voice for equality in Marin County!


Felicia Agrelius is the Director of LGBTQ+ Youth Programs at the Spahr Center for Marin’s LGBTQ+ and HIV Communities, where she works to ensure LGBTQ+ young people are safe and supported in their schools, empowered to take on advocacy projects in their lives, and connected to other youth.  
In the past, Felicia has worked at a nonprofit empowering people with disabilities, and served on the board for the National Council on Independent Living — a board representing disability service organizations across the county. During her time on the board, she supported youth with disabilities to take on leadership roles and get actively involved with advocating for their needs and rights.  
Felicia is a graduate of Scripps College and received a Bachelor’s in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies. 

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