Ahmad Zahra

Fullerton City Council


Ahmad will be a voice for the LGBTQ community in Fullerton


For over 17 years, I’ve called the City of Fullerton my home. As a trained medical doctor, I made my way to Fullerton after immigrating to this great country over two decades ago at the age of 25, to pursue my life long dream of filmmaking. It’s here where I started my production business and aspired to make my American dream a reality. It’s Fullerton where I made a life with family, friends, and neighbors.

I’ve been active in our city and in my neighborhood whether through charity work, supporting students from Cal State Fullerton or Fullerton College through internships, and making sure to hire locally on my productions. However, we are at a time when many critical issues face our city, including a budget deficit, a housing crisis, and a rise in child poverty and homelessness.

This November, our city will have district elections for the first time and I believe it’s time for a Council Member from our district that has never had representation before, who can bring a fresh perspective, think outside the box and offer dynamic and results-oriented leadership, so we can refocus our priorities to what really matters to our Fullerton families: safe neighborhoods, affordable living, a clean environment, paved roads, good local jobs, a prosperous small business community and a city where no child goes hungry.

This is why I decided to run for Fullerton City COuncil in District 5, which I’ve called home all these years.

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