Alex Arroyo

East Aurora School Board, District 131


Alex will continue to be a critical LGBTQ voice on the East Aurora School Board


Alex Arroyo is running for reelection to the East Aurora Board of Education, District 131, the first and oldest school district and 12th largest in the State of Illinois, with an annual budget of $180 million dollars. 
In his four years on the board, Alex has worked toward preparing students for college and/or career readiness by supporting electives and reading programs to prepare students for life after high school. Under his tenure there has been an expansion in early childhood education and pilot programs in dual language in primary school and the introduction of Mandarin at the high school. In 2016, the district took on a $50 million dollar infrastructure improvement plan including a major expansion of the high school making it the largest in the state of Illinois. History was made in 2017 when East Aurora finally got bussing for its 14,000 students, the last district in the state that didn’t transport its students.

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