Alex Brown

Chico City Council, At-Large


Alex will maintain LGBTQ representation on the Chico City Council


Alex Brown is a 27-year-old marketer and business developer with a background in social services, running for Chico City Council in November. She represents a new generation of leadership for Chico that is grounded in progressive values, creative collaboration, and thoughtful leadership.

Alex has been actively engaged in the Chico community since she arrived in 2008 to attend CSU, Chico. She has been involved in athletics and activism, and has played a key community leadership role in a variety of programs/projects. Alex earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Pyschology and Multicultural and Gender Studies in 2013, and immediately pursued and achieved a Master’s Degree in Social Work at CSU, Chico.

During her time as a student, Alex worked at a local domestic violence agency as a prevention specialist for a brand new program dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ communities. She engaged youth in conversations about leadership, healthy relationships and well-being, and launched the first ever Youth Empowered Conference. She also cultivated relationships with local service providers and trained them in best practices for serving LGBTQ+ communities.

Alex was hired to re-launch another violence prevention program in 2015. As the Safe Place Advocate and Administrator at CSU, Chico, she redesigned and implemented a comprehensive violence prevention and response strategy that continues to grow today.

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