Alison Coombs

Aurora City Council

Alison will be the first out LGBTQ+ person to win a citywide seat in Aurora!


Alison Coombs is an Aurora City Council Member who has been serving since 2019. She was the first out LGBTQ+ person elected to council in the city’s history. Alison is a working mom of a wonderful and curious toddler. In addition to her work on council, she works in case management for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are living in host homes and family caregiver settings. She is a member of the Colorado Care Workers Unite! Union under SEIU Local 105.

As a policymaker, Alison is committed to ensuring economic and social justice, environmental stewardship, and approaching public safety in an evidence-based manner that addresses the root causes of public safety issues. To this end, Councilmember Coombs has sponsored legislation to increase minimum wages in the city, provide funding for affordable housing, protect immigrant communities, and establish resident committees for civic engagement and environmental sustainability. She has opposed legislation that enables traumatic displacement of homeless encampments, implements mandatory minimum sentences for property crimes, and eliminates city funding for social support programs.

In her time in council, Alison has sought education on responsible and sustainable development, building a diverse economy, effective public safety response, water, transportation, housing, and regional collaboration. In this process she has built strong relationships with community partners and elected officials alike. She will use this network of relationships to continue working for the betterment of our city and its neighborhoods.