Marcony Almeida-Barros

Everett School Committee, Ward 5


Marcony will continue to be a strong leader for equality in Everett!


Marcony works as the Director of Community Engagement at the Office of the Attorney General, responsible for outreach and educating communities across Massachusetts on how the AG’s office can help with public safety, school bullying and consumer assistance issues. One of Marcony’s first priorities in office was to visit each school multiple times to meet teachers, parents, and students to learn their concerns. He has been an active, vocal presence across the city. On his brief time on the School Committee, Marcony has worked relentlessly to advocate for our children and schools. When he heard about the housing crisis in the student population, Marcony brought in the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance and secured over $75,000 in grants over the last three years to help students and their families in crisis to cover emergency expenses for food and housing. This assistance has helped improve absenteeism, school grades and graduation rates. He also helped establish a mentoring program, led by two Everett High School graduates, designed to empower students and give them a network to succeed with members of the community. Marcony has also helped bring necessary PPE equipment and sanitizer stations to school buildings through private donations. 

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