Amanda Maris

Durham County District Court

Amanda is the only openly LGBTQ judge in Durham


Judge Amanda Maris is currently one of seven District Court Judges in Durham, NC. She is the only LGBTQ judge in Durham, is married and the mother of a young son who keeps her busy when she is not hard at work on the bench. Judge Maris was appointed to the bench by Governor Roy Cooper in August 2017 after practicing as an attorney for over a decade, and she is seeking to retain her seat this year in the general election.

She presides as a judge in multiple courtrooms, including: criminal, traffic, domestic violence, child support and family court. She takes great pride in serving her community and believes all people should receive fair and equitable treatment in court with equal access to justice no matter a person’s station in life or who they may be in the eyes of others.

Judge Maris believes a judge who serves both inside and outside the courtroom in court and in the community serves the public interest best. Justice is achieved when everyone can take advantage of the court system to see just outcomes and a more vibrant, safe and equitable community for all.

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