Shawna Ambrose

Arvada City Council , District 2


Shawna will be the first out bisexual person on the city council!


My style of servant leadership is effective at enacting progress. This quality was evident when I was a nuclear, chemical, and biological chemical weapons specialist in the military. It was clear when we won campaigns for school breakfast with Padres y Jóvenes Unidos in Denver. Or when our community in Carbondale came together to protect undocumented people. It’s why I was offered the position of National Faith Engagement Advisor for Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign (the first woman to hold such a position). My experience in mobilizing thousands of volunteers to help millions of voters at the polls and working with corporations to develop better climate policy is what Arvada needs – someone who knows how to unite businesses, neighborhoods, and elected officials under a common vision for a better life – and to make it happen.