Amelia Marquez

Montana House of Representatives, District 52

Spotlight Candidate

Amelia will be the first openly trans state legislator ever elected in Montana


Amelia Marquez was born and raised in Billings, Montana and understands the needs of working-class families, like the one she came from. Amelia is the Vice Chairwoman of the Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee and is working at making the Democratic Party focus on people over corporations or the ultra-rich. Through hard work, she recently graduated at MSU Billings. Amelia currently works at a non-profit mental health organization for children. Her second job is working as a sales associate at Herberger’s. Amelia and her family have housed and supported numerous children in the foster care system.

Amelia is focusing on fixing Montana’s state budget to assist working families. This past year, mental health services and services to the foster system were cut. Amelia will work hard to give a voice to our children and the most vulnerable of all of Montana. She will also fight for a $15/hour state minimum wage, treating health care as a right and not a privilege for only those that can afford it, and advocating for tuition-free education while raising teachers’ wages.

Significance of Candidacy:

  • Amelia will be the first openly transgender state legislator ever elected in Montana
  • Amelia could become the first openly trans woman of color ever elected to and seated in a state legislature in American history

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