Jennifer Armstrong

Alaska House of Representatives, District 16

Spotlight Candidate Winner!

Jennie will be the first out LGBTQ person elected to the Alaska state legislature!


Jennie Armstrong is a small business founder and CEO, a mom, and a lifelong advocate for the greater good. As a legislator, she will build a stronger Alaska for future generations by growing our economy, responsibly using state resources, taking care of our most vulnerable, and making Alaska a destination for entrepreneurship and business development. As an Alaskan mother, she knows that creating a thriving economy that lasts decades into the future requires investment in the next generation, right now. She will support universal pre-K and investment in the state’s public education institutions at all levels. She will work to make Alaska a place for innovative business development by ensuring stable state investment, addressing workforce shortages, and supporting reliable supply chains. Through her work, she has dedicated the past 12 years to supporting individuals, organizations, and companies in launching socially responsible brands and movements. Jennie holds degrees in International Law and Public Policy from American University in Paris and Oxford, and a B.A. Mass Communications from Louisiana State University, where she received several prestigious awards for her leadership and human rights activism.

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