Ashley Brundage

Florida House of Representatives, District 65

Ashley will be the first out transgender person elected to the Florida state legislature!


Ashley Brundage, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, is running for State House. With a background in financial services and advocacy for small businesses, Ashley brings a unique perspective and dedication to serving the people of Florida. Through leadership roles in various organizations and her unwavering commitment to social progress, Ashley aims to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all Floridians.

While seeking employment she overcame harassment, discrimination, and homelessness by empowering all of her differences. Not just her status as a woman of trans experience, but also missing the chance to go to college growing up due to her transition. Gender, Education, Ability, and Religion played key parts in her journey of empowerment. Starting her second career as a part time teller she rose to National Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion in 4 years. She captured this 4-step process of career development from her research on differences and empowerment. Ashley credits her success to those closest to her for providing actionable allyship, notably her 2 teenage sons, Bryce and Blake. She has had numerous recognitions for her work including an award from the Governor of Florida for driving empowerment of people.