Aurora Hurd

Winooski City Council

Aurora will bring important representation to Winooski!


Aurora Hurd is running for Winooski City Council because they want to ensure the voices of all the city’s residents are being heard. In the 5+ years they’ve called Winooski home, they’ve seen a lot of growth and success, but they’ve also seen where much more can be done.

Key issues they want to work on include advancing renters’ rights, protecting voting rights, additional oversight of police practices, and accessible municipal infrastructure.

They’ve served on the Winooski Library Committee since 2017, currently as Vice-Chair. They have worked as staff on the Bernie 2016 and Bernie 2020 campaigns. They hold a BA in Political Science and an MFA in Creative Writing.

When not working at the University of Vermont or volunteering, you’ll usually find them writing stories or engrossed in a good book. They are a firm believer that representation matters, in art as well as government.

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