Becca Balint

Vermont State Senate, Windham

Becca will continue serving as the first openly LGBTQ person in Vermont history to lead either legislative chamber!


Becca Balint is the Majority Leader in the Vermont State Senate and represents Windham County. She’s running for her fourth term and is poised to become the first woman to become Senate President Pro Tempore and the first openly queer person to lead either legislative chamber. She is the child of an immigrant dad and a working class mom. She feels issues of justice so deeply; her grandchild was killed in an Austrian concentration camp during the Holocaust. In the legislature, Becca serves on the Finance and Economic Development Committees. She’s also the Chair of the Senate Sexual Harassment Prevention Panel. Before entering politics, Becca had a career in education, teaching in both public and private schools, and at the Community College of Vermont. Becca has written a popular weekly editorial column in the Brattleboro Reformer for the past 8 years. She was trained as a professional and personal coach through the Co-Active Training Institute and has coached individual clients and groups. Although no longer in private practice as a coach, she still uses her coaching skills and experience to inspire and prepare other women to step into leadership roles.  
Last year Becca turned 50 and set out to do all the things she’s always wanted to do, including taking up trumpet and buying a motorcycle. She lives in Brattleboro with her spouse, Elizabeth Wohl, and their two children. She’s promised all of them she will not play trumpet while riding her motorcycle. 

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