Bradley Barkdoll

Harrisburg City Council

Bradley will be an important voice for equality on the Harrisburg City Council!


Brad Barkdoll is an ally, veteran, and environmental conservation policy expert running to represent Harrisburg residents on city council. He has spent the last 3 years helping Pennsylvanians care for, wisely use, and enjoy what nature offers by advocating for pro-environmental conservation policy at the state and federal level. Prior to this, Brad served in the United States Air Force, Pennsylvania Air National Guard as a Crew Chief, where he traveled the nation and the world in defense of our county. Most recently, Brad obtained his Masters in Public Administration from Kent State University, where he specialized in Nonprofit Management. Outside of work, Brad enjoys performing in musicals at various theaters in the city, playing guitar, taking his dog Annabelle on long walks by the river, and enjoying what our city has to offer. He strongly believes that Harrisburg is a place where everyone from every community can have the opportunity to flourish, and he is excited to work daily for every Harrisburg resident.