Brittney Barreras

New Mexico House of Representatives, District 12

Will be one of the only openly LGBTQ members of the New Mexico state House!


Brittney Barreras was raised in the heart of District 12. She grew up poor in the same, heavily Hispanic and working class neighborhood where she now lives. Brittney understand what the South Valley needs because her life is just like that of her neighbors. She has worked in sales. She has a one-year-old daughter with her partner Angela. Her grandpa served in the Army. And she’s working hard to make ends meet each month and is frustrated by the lack of change on her street, in her neighborhood, in the South Valley, and in her state. Brittney will fight for:

Affordable healthcare for everyone, period.
The best teachers for our schools. 
Clean energy, for everyone. 
Build back up small businesses.

Brittney will bring new, fresh leadership rooted in Democratic values to the New Mexico State Legislature.

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