Devin Barrington-Ward

Atlanta City Council, District 9

Devin will be an important voice on the Atlanta City Council!


Devin is a community organizer and has been a public health advocate and community defender in government for the past 15 years. His lived realities as a Black Queer man of Caribbean descent facing racial and social traumas like youth homeless while using hope to chart a future where we all survive and thrive.  
Starting his professional path as a campaign staffer for Stacey Abrams’ 2006 run for the Georgia House of Representatives, Devin has worked tirelessly to transform and empower Black and Brown communities and other marginalized groups to address barriers to good health, justice, and collective safety. As an advocate in government and an organizer in our communities, Devin has made history for the health and well-being of all of our people! To those that know Devin, they know that it is WE before ME in his words, actions, and beliefs. A key creator of Reimagine Atlanta, Devin devotes his time, energy, and resources to ensuring that the community, all of the community, survives and thrives! 

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