Betty Valencia

Orange City Council, At-Large

Betty will be a critical LGBTQ voice on the Orange City Council


Beatriz “Betty” Valencia is originally born in Mexico City and the youngest of 12 children, she moved to Orange County when she was six years old.

Betty is currently the Central Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County. Betty received associate degrees in liberal arts studies and speech communication from Santa Ana College (SAC). She then transferred to Cal State Fullerton (CSUF), where she earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication. After graduation from CSUF, she returned to Las Cruces. Inspired by her work in the community, she obtained her master’s degree in organizational communication with a minor in business administration from New Mexico State University. She then returned to Orange County, and is currently Vice President of Operations, Business & Finance for a local firm. In addition to her professional pursuits and volunteer work, she has returned to academia and is currently in the third year of a doctoral program in leadership studies in the Education Department at Chapman University.

After an April 10, 2018 city council meeting in Orange, CA, held in opposition to SB-54, Betty decided it was time to take a stand and declared her candidacy for city council.

Betty is married to her longtime partner, Laura. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, mural work, music, gardening, media arts, walking their dog, and spending time with family.

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