Brandi Jude

Bismarck City Commission

Brandi will be the first openly LGBTQ mother and veteran elected to public office in North Dakota


Brandi Jude is an Operations Iraqi Freedom veteran and a 2020 Bismarck City Commission candidate. Her time in the Army gave her insight early on in life as an adolescent in a war zone. Brandi has directed her focus to support the educational and basic needs of those who’ve experienced exploitation through sex or labor trafficking.

Additionally, to her personal experience, Brandi has participated in a variety of programs that emphasize leadership. Brandi has participated in statewide and out-of-state efforts to raise awareness, discuss best practices, and oversee policies and protocols to support the needs of marginalized community members. In 2017, Brandi received an Honorable Mention Award from the US Attorney’s Office – District of ND. She was also recognized as a Woman of the Year nominee through the Women’s Network, in 2018.

Brandi is currently the only openly gay woman or known LGBTQ member to ever seek office for Bismarck City Commission. Brandi would become the first openly gay mother and veteran to serve in a political office in Bismarck and North Dakota.

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