Charlotte Bruewer

Golf Manor Village Council


Charlotte will be an important voice for equality on the Golf Manor Village Council!


Charlotte Bruewer (she/her) moved to Golf Manor in 2009, realizing her dream of home ownership in a unique, affordable village community. Over the years she has witnessed Golf Manor’s renaissance as a vibrant, family-friendly neighborhood that is sought out intentionally. It is that intentionality that she would like to see become a cornerstone of Golf Manor’s governance and engagement with residents. Charlotte completed her Bachelor of Business Administration: Finance degree from the University of Cincinnati, attending as a non-traditional student while working full time. After nearly two decades in the financial world, she chose to return to Cincinnati and pivot to the non-profit sector; currently Charlotte is back at UC in the Office of Research as a grant administrator. Married in 2021, Charlotte credits her stepson for inspiring her to see the gifts and needs of the Village through new perspectives; she is committed to using her position on Council to bring these missed perspectives, voices, and capacities to power in Golf Manor. “I am running because our current Council does not represent the makeup of the Village, and I am here to provide representation as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I also strongly believe in the building of community, particularly for the kids in the neighborhood.” She also knows that creating a better place for children and youth will lead to better results for ALL of Golf Manor, through stronger health and safety outcomes, improved property values, and more connected residents. Charlotte sees a lot of opportunities for the Village to come together and serve as many people as possible. She knows this is not a fast process, and she is committed to doing the continual work of listening, learning, acting, and checking in not just during Council meetings but in every facet of her life in Golf Manor.