Bryce Bennett

Montana Secretary of State, District 50

Game Changer

Bryce was the first openly gay man elected to the Montana legislature


Bryce Bennett is the first openly gay man to serve in the Montana Legislature. He is running for Montana Secretary of State to make sure every voice is heard and every vote is counted.

Bryce has a long history of working across the aisle in a legislature dominated by conservative Republicans to get real results for Montanans — from successfully passing the bill that finally decriminalized homosexually under Montana law to negotiating the passage of the nation’s strictest campaign finance law.

Bryce first got involved in politics by registering thousands of Montanans to vote. Seeing people realize they finally had a voice in their democracy was inspiring, but out-of-touch lawmakers at the state capitol were intent on pushing a voter-suppression agenda. So, Bryce ran for the legislature in 2010 to change things.

Bryce was elected to leadership as the Democratic Caucus Chair and Democratic Whip in the House as well as Vice Chair of the State Administration Committee three times. As a legislative leader, Bryce helped defeat efforts to eliminate local non-discrimination ordinances and pass Indiana style discrimination legislation.

As Montana’s next Secretary of State, Bryce will work tirelessly to ensure all Montanans are equal under the law and our democracy is stronger, more secure, and accountable to the people.

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