Cecelia Gonzalez

Nevada State Assembly, District 16

Cecelia will continue to be an essential voice for equality in Nevada!


Cecelia González, a dedicated advocate for education and social justice, exemplifies remarkable commitment despite balancing multiple roles. As a first-time mom, educator at Mater Academy, Ph.D. student at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV), and legislator representing assembly district 16 here in Nevada, Cecelia’s journey reflects a deep dedication to her passions. Her research focuses on understanding and improving the educational experiences of Asian and Latino students within the schoolto-prison pipeline phenomenon and different systems of oppression. Navigating the demands of motherhood, teaching, doctoral studies, and legislative responsibilities, Cecelia remains steadfast in her advocacy for educational equity. As a founding board member of Cactus Park Elementary, she actively shapes the educational landscape, championing inclusivity and equity. Her tireless efforts in the legislative arena reflect her unwavering commitment to advancing policies that benefit students and families across Nevada.