Celia Israel

Texas House of Representatives, District 50


Celia has been a leading voice for LGBTQ equality in the Texas State House


As a young person with the opportunity to become the first in her family to go to college, Celia Israel was drawn to the intellectual capital of Texas — the Austin-Round Rock corridor that values education, innovation and sees diversity as a strength, not as something to fear.

She saw the beauty in a community that judged people not by what they looked like, or where they came from, but by what they had to offer.

In her over thirty years in Austin, Celia served in the Ann Richards administration, tasked with recruiting the best and brightest to public service. She started her own business, Mission Resources, consulting in community affairs and real estate. She led on the Board of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to increase education and civic engagement in public policy. She’s tackled issues from public transportation to school safety, and lead on the community level to empower young girls as a Board member of Gen Austin, as well as a past Board Member of YWCA. And that’s just skimming the surface of Celia’s long record of service to our community.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Austin native, or if you got here as soon as you could, Celia reminds us that the American Dream belongs to all of us, and in Central Texas, we all do our part to keep that promise alive.

Celia Israel, along with her partner of 18 years, Celinda Garza, are long time residents of District 50, home to high-tech giants, innovators and entrepreneurs, academics, health care leaders and more. Families here are looking for good schools, safe neighborhoods, and a chance to offer their talents and make a difference.

As a Democratic State Representative, Celia Israel is fighting to ensure our voices are heard. With political savvy, grassroots organizing skills, and business know-how, Celia is bringing people together to reset the public dialogue at the Capitol, by putting facts and logic ahead of politics once again. Because Celia knows communities work best when they work together, and that we create more opportunities when we invest in each other.

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