Cesar Chavez

Arizona State Senate, District 24

Cesar will restore LGBTQ representation to the Arizona State Senate!

Arizona’s 24th legislative district deserves a State Senator that will produce high-quality jobs for its constituents. A Senator that will fight for a student’s right to an education with a path to success. And a Senator that will provide affordable options to an accessible healthcare system. Chavez has done this and more as State Representative but the work continues, always benefiting our communities. He turned in over 1,000 signatures from the people of his district to qualify for this year’s ballot.
He has been leading an affordable tax credit bill that would allow for thousands of affordable homes for exactly the population you speak of. Furthermore, he has pushed to hold Mayors and the Governor accountable to get our homeless population off of the streets and get them the resources they need. Finally, he introduced legislation that would freeze the rental tax because he feels it is unscrupulous to tax someone on something they don’t own, especially when rent continues to climb.

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