Pedro Chavez

Santa Paula City Council, At-Large


Pedro will be the first out gay Latino elected to the Santa Paula City Council!


Santa Paula is the place I call home and I care about its future. We need strong representation and a voice for our shared ideals, one who fights for the needs of our community, and one who is committed to earning the respect of our citizens, residents, and their families. I’m a first-generation immigrant that came from humble beginnings, so I understand the struggle that many of our residents face as I experienced them firsthand growing up. Through this adversity, hard work, and perseverance, I’m living proof that the American dream is still possible. However, the dream isn’t just about individual achievement but about how we can collectively help lift each other up regardless of where we came from or who we are.

Moreover, my twenty-plus years of experience in both the public and private sectors have unlocked a unique set of skills and business acumen that will be key in making sound financial decisions that impact people’s lives. As we rise from the economic devastation caused by a global pandemic, we must elect leaders who are committed to solving problems and addressing community concerns but also be forward-thinking about how we create a plan to address future growth and prosperity.

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