Christopher Coburn

Bozeman City Commission

Spotlight Candidate Winner!

Christopher will be the first queer Black candidate elected in Montana history!


Christopher Coburn comes from a non-Indigenous family that has called Montana home for at least 6 generations. He was raised by a single mother, and programs like WIC and Headstart shaped his early lived experience. He received his Master’s in Public Health from the University of Montana and currently works at the intersection of public health and healthcare.

Christopher lives in Bozeman with his partner, Micah (they/them). A community health advocate by training and a collaborator by conviction, Christopher cares deeply about working towards healthy, strong, and equitable communities. He is guided by the intention to have a positive impact on the communities that raised him. For Christopher, this presents as active community involvement.

In addition to his role at the local hospital, Christopher serves on the City-County Board of Health where he continues to work to protect his community as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. He also is a part of numerous community-based initiatives, and is on the board of directors for Pride Foundation.

Christopher is running for Bozeman City Commission because he believes Bozeman has the opportunity to be a leader in creating the strong, equitable, and just communities we all deserve. He wants to help get us there.

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