Colton Myers

Washington House of Representatives, District 35, Position 1

Colton will add LGBTQ representation to the Washington State House


Colton Myers is a third-generation resident of the 35th Legislative District, and, if elected, will be the first openly gay State Representative to represent this district. As the son of a third-generation electrical worker who waited outside every day for a year, resume in hand, to secure a job that would provide for his family, Colton understands the that strong worker protections mean financial security, healthcare, and stability for workers and their families. As a graduate of local public schools, with a niece and nephew entering kindergarten in the Fall, Colton knows that great public schools, and excellent teachers, are at the heart of strong communities. As a senior health policy analyst for the State of Washington, with experience working on local community health responses to the opioid and substance use epidemic, Colton understands the importance of the health and well-being of every Washingtonian

And, as a young, queer person who initially left a region where he did not believe he had a place in – and whose leaders have voted against the well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals, Colton knows how to be a champion of diversity and creating a space for everyone to belong and thrive. In unprecedented times and facing great uncertainty, Colton is in this race because he understands the challenges ahead, and is ready to take them on by putting the people of his community first.

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