Damon Seils

Carrboro Board of Aldermen, At-Large


Damon will continue to be a voice for equality on the Carrboro Board of Aldermen


Damon Seils is a member of the Board of Aldermen in Carrboro, NC, and currently serves as mayor pro tempore. As a leader among North Carolina’s LGBTQ elected officials, he has worked to build on Carrboro’s proud history of advancing the rights of LGBTQ North Carolinians. In his time on the board, he has also revived efforts to bring the town’s lowest-paid employees up to a living wage; become a leading voice for public transit, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements that offer more people more options; and promoted land use policies for a healthy, affordable, sustainable community.

He also has been a leader in securing Carrboro’s place at the regional table, from coordinating land use and and transportation planning for a growing and diverse region, to working with community groups and other local governments in responding to attacks on immigrant rights, to working with Mayor Lydia Lavelle to make Carrboro the first local government in the state to call for repeal of the anti-LGBTQ, anti-worker House Bill 2.

Damon is running for re-election to continue his work on major initiatives, including developing a comprehensive plan to guide decisions over the next 20 years on Carrboro’s greatest challenges, from affordable housing to climate change. He will continue to press for better local and regional transit, better infrastructure to support a growing and diverse community, and decision making that holds racial equity and social justice in the foreground.

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