Danny Bernal Jr.

Mayor of Belen

Danny will be the first out LGBTQ Mayor of Belen, NM!


Belen City Councilor Danny Bernal Jr., was elected at 21 years old to serve as one of the youngest elected officials in the State of New Mexico.  
As a community leader, Councilor Bernal started with attending city council meetings at the age of 17 after he graduated Belen High School in 2016. He was the founding president of The Hub Community Theatre, a Valencia County (VC) non-profit with a mission to bring quality theatre to VC and help engage all ages. He was the Chair of the Belen Lodgers Tax Committee, a board established by the city to appropriate funds from a fee on hotels and other lodging establishments. He was also, a board director of the Belen MainStreet Partnership (BMSP), a branch of the New Mexico MainStreet program, the BMSPs mission was to revitalize a set district within Belen. Councilor Bernal is a member of the State Central Committee, the governing body of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.  
Councilor Bernal has fought anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments within city funded organizations and has advocated for these organizations to be defunded. He and two other governing body members made Belen history by displaying pride flags in support of a citizen who came out to their family and wasn’t accepted. Councilor Bernal also participated and helped fund the first ever pride rainbow art walk in Belen.  
Councilor Bernal works as the Supervisor of Assignments at ADC LTD NM, a federal contractor that conducts background investigations for security clearances.

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