Dave Coulter

Oakland County Executive

Spotlight Candidate

Dave will be the first openly LGBTQ person elected as a County Executive in Michigan


A few short months ago, a political sea-change occurred in Oakland County. As Michigan’s second largest and among the nation’s wealthiest, it had been led for decades by a conservative Republican. After his passing in August 2019, the county board appointed one of Michigan’s first openly gay elected officials, Dave Coulter, from countless qualified and respected others. When you first meet Dave, you are struck by how easy he is to talk to. He is interested in you and your ideas. He is respectful, kind and inclusive. Those qualities underlie Dave’s leadership style and priorities. Since his appointment, Dave has championed progressive, inclusive and welcoming policies including passing a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance for the county and its vendors; granting $500,000 grant to Planned Parenthood and integrating women’s health initiatives in the county system; and passing a $15/hour minimum wage.

Dave was born and raised in Southeast Michigan, he began his career in public service as an Oakland County Commissioner. He served four terms and led the Democratic Caucus. In 2011, Dave was elected Mayor of the City of Ferndale and served four terms and through August 2019. He worked for Michigan Consolidated Gas corporate communications and later ran the Michigan AIDS Project, the largest full-service HIV program in the state. Prior to this appointment, Dave served as the Director of External Relations for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Michigan.

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