Dave Hutchinson

Hennepin County Sheriff


Dave will be one of only two openly LGBTQ sheriffs in the entire country


Dave always talks about how lucky he is having such a hardworking family. He mentions how much people in his life have shaped him into the leader he is today, and he hopes to pass on that leadership to the people of Hennepin County.

Dave Hutchinson is the best candidate for Sheriff of Hennepin County because he believes everyone has an equal right to public safety. He will manage the interests of all citizens, and work toward resolving issues rather than debating them. He has demonstrated the ability to provide strong leadership while helping others through tough times, and he treats everyone with compassion and respect. He listens when necessary and acts when needed; an attribute that assists in the resolution of all the various issues we face. He demonstrates a strength of conviction for what is right, a conviction that will benefit all people in Hennepin County. These reasons, his lifelong devotion and belief in the sense of community, and his years of public service make him a great candidate to be your next Sheriff of Hennepin County.

Dave is a proud member of the LGBT community!

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