David Marstellar

Wisconsin State Assembly, District 21

David will be an important voice for equality in the Wisconsin State Assembly!


David’s decision to run for the Wisconsin Assembly stems from his belief that he can accomplish more for District 21 by being where the decisions are made, and votes are cast. He has worked in supportive roles and caucus chair roles for the Democratic Party for many years, and believes the next step is to be forward-facing to advocate for sensible legislation that helps people. He is committed to affordable and accessible healthcare for all our citizens, including mental healthcare and affordable prescription medications. He commits himself to working for safer neighborhoods, reducing crime, and making streets safer by putting an end to the reckless driving that takes lives daily. Affordable housing and affordable childcare along with a moratorium on property tax increases, are musts on his to-do list as well. He will work tirelessly to make Wisconsin Assembly District 21 the safest and most secure in Milwaukee County. He will work side- by-side with community leaders and other elected officials to achieve these goals.