Dean Dafis

Maplewood Township Committee

Dean would be the first LGBTQ elected official in Maplewood


Dean Dafis is running to become Maplewood, NJ’s first LGBT elected leader. Dean moved to Maplewood with his partner George two years ago. He spent two decades in New York City working on Wall Street and advocating for national grassroots LGBTQ campaigns, including marriage equality and anti-gay conversion therapy bans. He also worked on political campaigns for prominent LGBT candidates.

Dean is a first generation Greek-American with blue collar roots, and grew up in downtown Philadelphia in the thick of the melting pot stresses of 1970s urban life. He came of age during the early days of AIDS and is a conversion therapy survivor. His family’s immigrant roots and his personal experiences have colored his progressive political ideas. Dean believes that we make our country stronger by strengthening our communities at the local level. For him, it’s about equity and empathy, which he believes are lacking in our current political landscape. He also thinks that it’s vital that we have more LGBT persons in office. Dean believes diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

Importance of Candidacy:

  • Dean would be the first LGBTQ elected official in Maplewood.

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