Deborah Ruggiero

Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor

Game Changer

Deborah will continue to be a voice for LGBTQ equality on a statewide level!


Rhode Island State Representative Deborah Ruggiero represents Jamestown and Middletown (District74), first elected in 2008.

She is Chairwoman of the House Committee on Innovation, Internet, and Technology. Rep. Ruggiero has been a champion for broadband legislation for residents, small businesses, and municipalities to access fast, reliable, and affordable high-speed fiber-optic internet.

As chairwoman of the Small Business Renewable Energy Commission, Rep. Ruggiero sponsored many of the renewable energy laws in Rhode Island promoting good economic and environmental policy. She has chaired the House Committee on Small Business helping small businesses access affordable healthcare coverage. For the past 8 years, Rep. Ruggiero has served as a member of the House Finance Committee framing the state budget.

Deb is the president of DR Communications Group, a marketing and advertising firm that helps small businesses and non-profits with branding, media placement, and marketing communications. She is the host and creator of the award-winning radio show, AMAZING WOMEN, which highlights women in Rhode Island who make a difference. It airs on 4 radio stations in the market and online

Deb is a founding member of the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island. She’s an avid golfer, and tennis player, and loves to garden and cook!

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