Dennis Woods

Palm Springs City Council, District 2

Dennis will continue the history of LGBTQ representation in Palm Springs!


Dennis Woods works as an urban planner and community leader and currently serves as a Councilmember for Palm Springs. He was first elected to serve on Palm Springs City Council in 2019.

Dennis has a lifetime of advocacy for causes such as the environment, transportation, LGBTQ+, neighborhood betterment, urban form, HIV/AIDS, redlining, equal pay, union representation, etc.

Dennis earned a Bachelors degree from UCLA. Dennis is proud to live in Palm Springs with his husband Robert Rotman, a small business owner who designed the LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert and “Living Out” a community designed to provide a beautiful, welcoming, safe, and inclusive living experience that celebrates the vibrancy of living authentically as an LGBTQ person.

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