Dom Gelsomino

Idaho House of Representatives

Spotlight Candidate

Dom will be the first out LGBTQ Republican elected to the Idaho state legislature!


Dom rolled up his sleeves and got to work at a young age. Whether it was volunteering time after school to his church’s local second-hand store and food pantry, or serving in a public capacity, Dom’s commitment to improving the quality of life of his community has been unwavering, believing public service as one of the highest forms of giving back to his community. Throughout his various services to his community, Dom has built a profound level of experience not just professionally, but more importantly on a personal level; taking the time to genuinely connect with those he serves and understanding the issues important to them. Proudly coming from humble beginnings, Dom grew from a long line of entrepreneurs, farmers, butchers, and homemakers; independence and hard work are a part of who he is, achieving much of the American Dream in his family. As a US-born descendant of Italian immigrants, he is a first generation college graduate having received his Bachelor’s degree from Boise State University. Dom had the incredible honor of being appointed by former Mayor Tammy de Weerd as both the Government Affairs Advisor to the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and as a Commissioner on the Meridian Parks and Recreation Commission. Serving as a role model and advisor for young leaders, as well as providing advice to City Council and being involved in major design and development decision-making of Meridian’s Parks, Dom understands firsthand the importance of working toward a better future for the next generation, as well as the commitment and hard work required to achieve it. In December 2019, Dom had the honor of being elected President of the Parks and Recreation Commission for the 2020 year by his fellow Commissioners, and continues to work with fellow commissioners, local government leaders, and you the citizens of Meridian, on maintaining, improving, and preserving our city’s incredible parks and recreation areas for everyone to enjoy and be proud of! As a proud family man and father, Dom and his family – including their two dogs Zeus and Tayvie – are happy to call Meridian home! In his professional life, Dom currently works as an independent consultant, with experience in healthcare, marketing, and finance. Dom’s current career involves providing professional services and administrative consulting to businesses. He is also an avid golfer, enjoys fishing, spending time with his family – including outdoors, and keeping his Italian heritage alive through his culinary skills.

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