Eileen Duff

Massachusetts Governors Council, District 5

Eileen is the first openly LGBTQ person elected to a Constitutional office in Massachusetts


Eileen Duff was the first openly LBGTQ person elected to a Constitutional office in Massachusetts. An advocate for the underdog, she serves on the Government Affairs Committee of the ARC of Massachusetts, as well as the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee, and is a member of the American Association of University Women, NAACP and an Alumna of Emerge Massachusetts.

In 2015, Duff was the recipient of the Gloucester BAR Association Law Day Award, given for her herculean efforts to keep the Gloucester and community courts open. Additionally, she was the first Governor’s Councillor ever awarded the MA LBGTQ BAR Association’s Elected Official of Distinction Award for her work giving voice to underserved communities. Prior to serving on the Governor’s Council, Eileen served as Chaplin working with addicts and Hospice patients, and as a Clinton White House appointee to Commissioner Rachelle Chong at the FCC during the early 90’s.
She used her access to the Governor to privately lobby and advocate for the signing of the the Massachusetts Equal Accommodation Law to protect transgender people, and her passionate conversations are considered to be what convinced the Governor to sign the bill.

A garduate of Trinity Washington University, she also holds a Masters of Management in Organizational Development and a Doctorate of Ministry.

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