Eliazar Posada

Carrboro Town Council

Eliazar will be the first Latino out LGBTQ person elected in Orange County!


Eliazar is proud to be an openly gay millenial Latino, son of migrant farmworkers, who has dedicated his professional, and a great deal of his personal life, to fighting for his communities. This desire was born out of his upbringing. His mother taught him and his brother that as Latinx, immigrant and poor folks, nothing was going to be handed to them. Life is not going to be fair, at the end the day family and community come first. Eliazar fights for those folks. This fight led him to organize a now annual Hispanic Heritage Concert at Knightdale High, found the only LGBTQ and Latinx student clubs while at Campbell University, then go from volunteer to Acting President and CEO of the largest Latinx led and serving nonprofit in North Carolina. He has served on committees, boards and commissions for local governments across the triangle, led efforts to educate and register voters, worked with political campaigns, and held leadership roles in the North Carolina Democratic Party. His love for politics, advocacy, and mobilizing is the foundation for his vocation to serve communities that have been marginalized and left out.

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