Elizabeth Breadon

Boston City Council - District 9

Liz will continye serving as the first out Lesbian on the Boston City Council


Liz Breadon is a first term Boston City Councilor running for reelection this Fall. Liz is the first out Lesbian to be elected to and joined the most diverse Council in Boston’s history with a majority of women and people of color. Liz used her position to support funding for housing for LGBTQ retirees and called a hearing on the epidemic of violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people and sponsored an ordinance ensuring gender inclusivity of City forms. 
In her role as a district city councilor Liz is a champion for housing that is affordable, improved mass transit, sustainable development, climate mitigation, preservation of green space and good quality schools. She is seeking a second term to continue to work to make Boston a more equitable, inclusive and resilient city with opportunities for all. 

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