Eve Seitchik

Somerville City Council, At-Large

Eve will be the first out trans nonbinary city councilor in Somerville!


Eve is a community organizer, democratic socialist, tech worker, and data scientist. They have lived in Massachusetts their entire life, and in Somerville for seven years—four as a renter and three as a homeowner on the top floor of a triple-decker in Winter Hill with their partner and their large dog. Eve is transfeminine, which means they are a transgender non-binary person, and they use “they/them” pronouns. 
For the last two years, Eve has helped run the Boston chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a community organizing group with nearly 3,000 members in Eastern Massachusetts and over 300 in Somerville, as one of its two co-chairs. Together with DSA, Eve fought alongside the paraprofessionals of the Somerville Educators Union to win a living wage and a respectful contract, organized in City Hall to make developers pay their fair share, and campaigned for police accountability and budget justice. Eve is a progressive independent and they take their political inspiration from the labor movement and workers’ parties throughout history, like the UK Labour Party and Eugene Debs’ Socialist Party of America.

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