Bubba Fish

Culver City City Council

Bubba will be an important voice for equality on the Culver City Council!


Bubba has been active in civic life as a community organizer, advocate, and volunteer who has been active in civic life since he moved to Culver City. Bubba worked for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, served as Vice Chair of Culver City’s Advisory committee on Housing & Homelessness, and co-created Culver City’s first official Pride celebration. He’s also a graduate student at UCLA, earning his Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in Urban Policy this June. Bubba lives in East Culver City with his husband Aaron and would be only the second openly queer person elected to Culver City Council in the city’s 110 year history. Bubba is running on a platform of housing for all incomes, safe streets, and a care-centered approach to public safety.