J.R. Fruen

Cupertino City Council


J.R. will be the first out LGBTQ person elected to the Cupertino City Council!


I’m a third-generation resident; I grew up in our schools; I’ve seen Cupertino thrive, and am dedicated to continuing that trajectory. The Valley of Heart’s Delight brought my family here in 1952. After graduating from UCLA, I returned to Silicon Valley because there’s no home like Cupertino. I’m running to make my story possible for future generations and to restore confidence in city leadership.

While residents face critical challenges–the extraordinary cost of living, traffic, school closures, and struggling small businesses–our current City Council only makes our problems worse by obstructing useful progress, provoking costly litigation, and surrendering local control.

I’ll employ my skills as an attorney and entrepreneur, and my experience serving on the CUSD Citizens Advisory Committee, and the boards of the Cupertino Historical Society, Cupertino-Copertino Sister Cities Association, Cupertino for All, and South Bay Chinese Club to change course and confront these challenges.

We must use our local control to plan for future generations at all income levels–to make Cupertino inclusive and sustainable while maintaining our small-town feel. I have the vision and the competence; that’s why Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, former Senator Jim Beall, Assemblymember Evan Low, Councilmember Hung Wei, and six former Cupertino Mayors all support my candidacy.

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