Gary Miller

Roseville City School District Board of Education, At-Large

Gary will continue to be an LGBTQ voice on the Roseville school board


Gary Miller has served a combined 30 years on two local school boards. First in the Robla section of Sacramento and then for past 12 years he has served as a member of the Roseville City School Board, in the Sacramento area.

When he first ran for school board in Sacramento in 1987, no one expected him to win, but he beat both incumbents becoming the first LGBTQ elected official in Sacramento County. His first husband of 26 years died of AIDS in 1994. Gary and his new husband have been together for 18 years.

Gary is active within his local Quaker organization. He has been involved in LGBT rights since 1968 and active within the Democratic Party since 1964. When Gary first ran for the Roseville City board in 2008, no one expected him to win, but he was able to beat one incumbent and became the first LGBT elected official in conservative Placer County, Ca In the past, he has won support from teachers, organized labor, local Democratic Party. His re-election is in November with no primary or run off, with no campaign limits.

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