Hayden Gise

Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 3C01


Hayden will be an important voice for equality on the ANC!


Hayden is an organizer for a union of educators, an economic justice activist, and a proud resident of the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. She has spent her adult life fighting for the causes that she believes in– Workers’ rights, LGBT rights, and advacing a progressive vision for society. Hayden is open about her lesbian identity and looks forward to bringing this perspective to ANC3C as a Commissioner.

Hayden was raised in a union-household. Her mother is a public-school teacher and instilled the value of high-quality public education. She knows what happens when a community invests in public goods and the workers who provide them– the community gets stronger and everyone wins.

After attending the University at Buffalo, Hayden came to the District because of its reputation of vibrant, forward-thinking communities. No place has felt more like home to Hayden than DC. Woodley Park is a place of lush greenery, in close-proximity to some of the District’s best offerings, without compromising the quiet environment with a true sense of privacy. It is the kind of place we would want to build if it did not already exist.

As a Commissioner, Hayden will fight to bring community involvement back into the process. She will expand transparency by seeking neighborhood input on the pressing issues. Hayden will be available to everyone and provide her contact information to any neighbor who needs the assistance of the District government.

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