Guyleen Castriotta


Guyleen is the only out LGBTQ+ Mayor in Colorado!


Guyleen Castriotta was elected Mayor of the City and County of Broomfield in November 2021 after serving four years on City Council and two years as Mayor Pro Tem. Even while guiding Broomfield through a pandemic, Mayor Castriotta implemented an ambitious strategy to transform future Broomfield by upgrading long-neglected infrastructure, increasing access to affordable housing, enhancing workforce development, improving government services, and making resiliency and fiscal sustainability a central focus for Broomfield. As Mayor, what guides Guyleen is the belief that the central function of elected officials is to improve the lives of their constituents.

In her first four years on City Council, Guyleen championed and supported the creation of thousands of new homes across the city at all income levels; worked closely with community to create an expanded public safety strategy with the launch of the co-responder program and key investments in people and businesses for greater stability. Guyleen has also fought for sustainable city policies and practices that address the climate crisis. Under her leadership, the City Council appointed the very first independent Board of Health and Housing Authority.