Jane Cera

Clinton Township Board of Trustees


Jane led the charge in passing an LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance in Clinton


Jane Cera enjoyed the early part of her career as an art teacher, eventually earning a Ph.D. and moving into university teaching and teacher preparation. She then became the Chair of her Fine Art Department and rose to the level of Dean of Professional Development. Her calling to public service drove her to become more engaged with her community, and her leadership skills enabled her to win her first election as a write-in candidate for Township Trustee. She spent her first term advocating for improvements like parks, streetlights, and sidewalks and supporting other neighborhood investments to improve property values and quality of life. Jane is committed to engaging with the diversity of the community and trying to understand and meet their unique needs as Township residents.

She is engaged in a campaign against a conservative opponent who is well funded by a small group of some wealthier residents who resent the demographic changes in their neighborhood and want to return to “how things used to be,” including resistance to economic development in the other neighborhoods within the Township. Members of the group have made openly homophobic remarks in public meetings and Jane has experienced the brunt of outright bullying and hostility. Although she was successful in getting a revised EEO policy passed to include LGBTQ protections and sections on gender presentation/identification, her worry is that this, like many of her efforts, will be reversed if she is not re-elected.

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