Jennifer Adams

Tempe City Council

Jennifer will continue to be an important voice for equality in Tempe!


Councilmember Adams running for re-election because she loves solving problems and helping others. Her vision includes improving the city’s infrastructure with sustainable resources, street and pavement improvements (she has secured $55M and counting), homeless solutions and affordable housing, public safety, promoting small businesses, and listening to the needs of our neighborhoods. Also, Councilmember Adams supported all processes in order for Tempe to earn a 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Quality Index for seven years in a row. She is very proud of that accomplishment and continues to spearhead future protections for the LGBTQ communities. Finally, Councilmember Adams also lead the effort to pass the CROWN ACT to protect the rights of individuals from discrimination based on their hairstyles. 
Councilmember Adams worked for the city for 29 years in three different departments and has a robust understanding about the operations of the city. This knowledge base makes it easier for her to solve difficult problems. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and uses her skillset frequently when helping the community. 

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