Jennifer Sciortino

Bordentown City Commissioner


Jennifer will be Bordentown's first out LGBTQ City Commissioner!


Jennifer Sciortino, a New Jersey statehouse veteran with nearly 25 years of experience centered on government communications for Democratic elected officials is running for a four-year term as Bordentown City Commissioner in the May 11 non-partisan election.

If elected, Sciortino would be the first openly LGBTQ member to serve on Bordentown City’s Board of Commissioners, and just the third woman, since the board’s founding in 1913.

Sciortino has been actively engaged in government and civic organizations throughout her life. She currently serves on the Bordentown City Parks Committee and helps run the city’s local 501c3 animal rescue group. She also represented Bordentown City on the Burlington County Democratic Committee for several terms and served as a former member of the Advisory Board for Garden State Equality, New Jersey’s foremost LGBTQ advocacy group.

She currently serves as Communications Director for the NJ Treasury Department and hopes to parlay her decades of government experience and deep knowledge of the resources available to help bolster Bordentown City and improve people’s everyday lives. Her goal is to foster an open and inclusive dialogue that embraces diverse points of view while ensuring Bordentown City remains a vibrant, affordable community with thriving downtown businesses that have something to offer for everyone. 

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