John Bauters

Emeryville City Council

John will continue to be a leading LGBTQ voice on the Emeryville City Council


Councilmember John J. Bauters has served on the Emeryville City Council since 2016, including as the city’s mayor in 2018. He has been a regional leader on a number of major issues including affordable housing, homelessness, and transportation. He serves on the Alameda County Transportation Commission, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and is Chair of the Alameda County Healthy Homes Board of Directors.

In 2018, under John’s leadership as Mayor, Emeryville passed a $50 million affordable housing bond, the largest bond of its kind, per capita, for affordable housing in California. Proposals developed by John to convert street parking into protected bike lanes and turn traffic lanes into transit lanes on the city’s major east-west corridor were approved in 2019. Working in partnership with neighboring Oakland, Emeryville is slated to open a shelter for homeless families from Oakland in early 2020.

When the neighboring City of Dublin, California voted against raising the Pride Flag in June 2019, John passed a resolution to raise two Pride Flags at Emeryville City Hall – one for his community and one for LGBTQ people everywhere who are not supported where they live. State and local officials attended the event and the City of Dublin subsequently voted to reverse its prior decision. John was a guest of honor at the Dublin Pride Flag event, where he presented the City of Dublin with the flag raised in Emeryville as a symbol of friendship between the cities.

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