John D’Amico

West Hollywood City Council


John will continue to be an important advocate for LGBTQ people in West Hollywood


Every day, John D’Amico works to ensure that West Hollywood continues to be a safe, affordable place to live, work and play. The values that make West Hollywood unique include a commitment to housing that is livable and attainable; social services that help people live their authentic lives to the fullest; a focus on public safety; civil rights; the importance of every point of view; and a creative spirit that keeps the city humane, sustainable, essential and growing.

Since first being elected, John has helped bring about great progress in important ways:

  • West Hollywood has doubled the number of affordable housing units, exceeding State and local goals and continuing to include required on-site units for all income levels,
  • Strengthened rent-control laws, ensuring that residents are safe in their rent-controlled units.
  • Expanded public safety and policing programs, improving traffic safety on Fountain Avenue and reducing excess traffic in residential neighborhoods.
  • Worked on smart fixed-rail transit options and improving and extending bike lanes. The Cityline, Pick-up Line and Sunset Trip are big successes.
  • Advocated for more funding for human services that improve the lives of seniors every day, and homeless initiatives linking people to care, resources and permanent housing.

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